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100% Made-to-Order
Ethical Gym Clothes & Fitness Gear for a Sustainable Life
🇸🇪 Available in Sweden 🇸🇪
100% Made-to-Order
Free Standard Shipping
100% Made-to-Order
Ethical Gym Clothes & Fitness Gear for a Sustainable Life
🇸🇪 Available in Sweden 🇸🇪
100% Made-to-Order
Free Standard Shipping
100% Made-to-Order
Ethical Gym Clothes & Fitness Gear for a Sustainable Life
🇸🇪 Available in Sweden 🇸🇪
100% Made-to-Order

The Conscious Buyer Guide

Our Commitment to Responsible Shopping in the Fitness Industry

At New Flow Fitness, we are deeply committed to promoting a new ethical business model —one that prioritizes sustainability and responsible shopping practices. We believe that together, we can bear greater responsibility for the environment and reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry on our planet. 

One practice we strongly oppose is the unnecessary ordering of multiple sizes with the intent to return one or many items immediately. This practice not only contributes to excessive waste but also consumes additional resources, such as water and electricity, in the production and shipping of garments. It results in perfectly wearable clothing ending up in landfills (if they can not find a new home). It also contributes to higher prices for all people buying online! This is not fair to the hard working people being careful with their spending and conscious by measuring before ordering!

We stand against this unethical way of ordering. Instead, we encourage our customers to take the time to measure themselves accurately, refer to our size guide, and make informed decisions about their purchases. We believe in quality over quantity and would rather not make a sale than contribute to the negative environmental impact of fast fashion. We also have a 2 business day policy when all our customers have the right to withdraw the order BEFORE we place it at our source of production.

By choosing to shop responsibly and making thoughtful, well-considered purchases, we can collectively work towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future. Thank you for joining us in this mission to make a positive difference in the fitness industry and beyond. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our planet and its future generations.


Let's dive into the wonderful world of being an active ethical shopper!

Truly; THANK YOU for having such a positive attitude and investing your time doing your part of our mutual efforts protecting this planets resources, one item at a time!

Why Measuring Matters:
When you shop for fitness clothes, you may be tempted to guess your size or simply choose what you think fits. However, in the era of sustainable living, it's crucial to prioritize accuracy. Why? Because every item we create is made especially for you. This personalized approach significantly reduces waste, minimizing the resources and energy required for mass production.

Your Role in Sustainability:
Here's where you come in. By taking the time to measure and assess your true size before ordering, you play a vital role in our shared mission to protect the planet.

  • Accurate sizing means fewer returns and exchanges, which ultimately means fewer garments ending up in landfills. It's a win-win for you, us and the environment as well as future generations!
  • Creating clothing that perfectly fits you reduces the need for excessive fabric, energy, and water consumption in the manufacturing process.
  • Fewer returns mean less transportation and shipping, leading to a reduced carbon footprint. Your contribution to sustainability starts right at your doorstep.


Now how can I get the perfect fit?
  • Measure Yourself: 
    Before you place an order, take the time to measure yourself accurately. Our size charts provide guidance on where to measure to ensure a precise fit. It´s easy to find the correct chart; click on the item you have an interest in and scroll the page to find the chart under the product description.
  • Read Product Descriptions: 
    Pay attention to the product descriptions and any specific sizing guidelines we provide for each item.
    We want to help you get it right the first time so we share as much of our experience of the clothes as we can  - not to be boring but honest and helpful!
  • Contact Us for Assistance:
    If you have any doubts or questions about sizing, quality or feel of the item; don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We're here to assist you in making YOUR best choice. Slower and right is much better than fast and wrong in an era of ethical shopping! We rather see you NOT shopping if that is the best fit for you - right now!


The New Flow Difference: 

  1. What is print-on-demand (POD) and how does it work? 
    Print-on-demand is a production method where products are created individually as orders are received. When you purchase a fitness product from us, it is custom-made just for you using high-quality printing techniques.
  1. Why are New Flow stressing the importance of measuring before placing order?
    We are committed to more than just fashion; we're dedicated to sustainability and the well-being of our planet. We believe in responsible consumption and reducing waste, and that's why we produce our fitness clothes through print-on-demand. But we can't do it alone – we need your help to make a difference and truly love that you are embracing sustainable shopping by simply investing a little bit more of your time and measuring yourself carefully, before ordering. This to get the perfect fit and minimize returns!

  2. Why are not all companies working like this?
    In today's fast-paced fashion industry, where trends come and go in the blink of an eye, many companies in the fitness sector are missing a vital opportunity to prioritize sustainability and responsible consumption. While some fashion brands are leading the way in embracing print-on-demand (POD) and sustainable practices, others seem hesitant to make the change.


At New Flow being a modern start-up we wanted to do it right from the start!

Here are some more reasons for WHY other companies haven´t yet fully embraced the new more ethical way of doing business.

  • Traditional Mass Production Models: 
    Most fashion brands, including those in the fitness industry, have long relied on traditional mass production methods. These methods involve producing large quantities of clothing in advance based on forecasts and trends. While this approach can yield cost savings, it often results in overproduction, excess inventory, and the need for frequent sales to clear stock.
  • Fear of Change: 
    Change can be intimidating, especially in an industry as competitive as fashion. Transitioning to a print-on-demand model requires a shift in mindset and business practices. Some companies may resist this change due to concerns about operational disruptions and the unknown.
  • Lack of Sustainability Awareness: 
    Many fashion companies have been slow to recognize the environmental and ethical concerns associated with their production methods. Some may not fully understand the impact of their practices on the planet, and therefore, they don't prioritize sustainability in their business strategies.
  • Short-Term Focus: 
    The fashion industry is often driven by quarterly profits and short-term gains. Companies may prioritize immediate financial returns over long-term sustainability goals. This short-sighted approach can hinder efforts to embrace more eco-friendly practices.
  • Education and Resources: 
    Some fashion companies may lack the knowledge, expertise, or resources required to transition to print-on-demand and implement sustainable practices. They may need guidance and investment in new technologies and processes.
  • Perceived Complexity: 
    The fashion industry can be complex, with intricate supply chains, global sourcing, and various stakeholders. Some companies may perceive the shift to print-on-demand as too complex or costly to implement effectively.
  • Resistance to Transparency: 
    Traditional fashion companies may be hesitant to embrace transparency about their production methods, including labor conditions and environmental impact. Adopting sustainable practices often necessitates greater transparency, which can be met with resistance.
  • Change takes time: 
    While change may take time in the fashion industry, the shift toward print-on-demand and sustainable fashion is a necessary one. It's not just a trend; it's a crucial step towards a more responsible and sustainable future for both the fashion industry and our planet.

Thank you for being a part of New Flow´s commitment to sustainable fashion. Your responsible shopping choices today can help build a better tomorrow for all of us and for generations to come.


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